A referral will be required for you to be seen by one of our Consultants. This is usually provided by your General Practitioner and he/she will be able to help you to decide which Consultant is the most appropriate for your specific needs.


We would ask that your General Practitioner refer you to the appropriate Consultant using one of the following methods:-


(a)       Letter (preferred);

(b)       Telephone; or

(c)        Email.


You may bring your General Practitionerís referral letter with you to your first appointment or it can be emailed to the named Consultant prior to your first appointment.


The receptionist or Consultant's Secretary will be able to provide you with details of availability regarding waiting times for consultation and/or for surgical treatment where required.


How to Book Your Appointment


Please contact our reception service on:


Telephone:  01782 614419

Email:          admin@basfordconsultingrooms.com



Your fee will vary from Consultant to Consultant and may also be determined by the length of time required for your consultation.


Your Consultantís Secretary will be able to provide you with details of the fee payable prior to your appointment.




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